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1. A Domino ROUND is defined from the very first piece placed on the table until when a player places his/her last piece on the table.
2. A Domino GAME is defined from the beginning of the play until when the team reaches the corresponding points of that level (there are as many rounds as needed to reach the corresponding points)
3. A MATCH is defined when a team wins the best Two out of Three Games (2/3 games) if time permitted.
4. At the end of each game, the unplaced pieces (left Dominoes in each player) are to be handled by Judges (and not by the players), to count points and assigned proper scores in the judge’s “score-card”.
5. Scores must be recorded by the judges on the official “score-card”, and taken to the recording station, for continuation of the tournament.
6. Each Match will be won and sequenced using the bracket-style approach, as showed in the graph below (download PDF file).
7. If there is an “odd number” of teams registered for the tournament, the one registered last will have to wait for the next-on-line winner, to play against.
8. A “wild-card” Match opportunity might be offered during the tournament, if there is four or less (<4) teams registered to compete (under the judges’ discretion).
9. The Team that lost with most points during the first Match will be elected to play a “wild card”
10. If there are two (or more) teams that lost with the same amount of points in the first Match, a “pick up the largest number piece” approach will decide what team to play a “wild card”.