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The CNY Latino is a consortium of several divisions, including the popular publication “The CNY Latino newspaper“, bi-weekly “Spanish” radio shows (currently suspended), a Hispanic oriented Marketing & Advertising agency, our Latino-website portal , and a Division of Translation Services. All these divisions are focused in the dedication to the Latino culture and the enhancement of the Spanish Language.

Members of our staff have provided translation work for businesses and companies of various industries; they also participate in supporting non-for-profit organizations and a large selection of social services groups. We have assisted in medical projects and legal cases, everything from technical interpretation to colloquial rendition. We are capable of performing passive translation from documentation and paper content, and live on-site public interpretation. We have also done digital translation for websites and online portals, and we have recently started to work in the translation of full publications and existing books.

All these different translation projects have created a large portfolio in this division, and we can show many samples, by clicking here.

There are 3 types of Translations we provide: CONTENT Translation, ONSITE Translation, and SPECIALIZED Translation – (See below for individual descriptions of these)

You can also contact us for additional information, or any other special request about our services.

CONTENT Translation The most popular and traditional type of translation in our business, is the one applied in written content (paper or digitally). Material is provided to us in a digital format), we translate it into the opposite language, and submit back the translated content in digital format).

ONSITE Translation We provide Onsite Translation services in scenarios such as translation during a phone conference, webinar or assist in translating during a unique business transaction, where it is important to understand both parties negotiating a time-limited deal or working on a project that requires a fast response or decision.

SPECIALIZED Translation Sometimes an exchange of thoughts and ideas can be of a delicate or sensitive matter, that not only requires a careful translation or precise interpretation of what it is being said, but also the party providing the translation needs to be trained and specialized for the on the subject or content being discussed..

For more information about these types of translations offered by CNY Latino, you can contact us for additional information, or any other special request about our services

A sample of our Translation work is our popular publication “The CNY Latino newspaper“; however, we have in house hardcopies of material we have translated in the past, for many different types of businesses and organizations.

Our work output can be presented in either the traditional “Hardcopy paper printout”, or in any of the compatible digital formats (MS Word, MS Publisher, WordPerfect, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe PDF, etc.)

The following is a compendium of the type of content we have applied for translation work, and the type of businesses and organizations we have served, in this type of service.

Promotional Materials and Brochures Government Agencies and Political groups
Descriptive Documents and Narratives Hospitals and Health Centers
Training handbooks and Manuals Community Based Organizations and Private Businesses
Government material and proclamation content Marketing agents and Advertisers
Publications and Books Colleges and Educational Institutions
Tourist guides and instructional pamphlets Manufacturing associations and Unions
Business Correspondence Legal Practices and independent Attorneys
Legal Documents and official manuscripts Public Speakers and Media hosts
Medical Transcripts and Doctoral records Public Transit authority and Parks and Recreation


For a sample of our work, list of references, or testimonials from our clients, get a copy of our monthly “bilingual” publication, the CNY Latino newspaper. If you have a translation project coming up, and need a quote, it would be our pleasure to review your project and provide you with a free estimate. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or need any additional information from us…


If you and/or your business/organization are interested in marketing your services in our newspaper or  our programs or in becoming a sponsor or advertiser, please contact us and we will send you more details.