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The newspaper is what started it all… the original idea was to create a simple publication that would serve the Latino community of Syracuse, as a communication venue, as a cultural representation, as a reading material, and also as a very effective and direct way for businesses, companies, and organizations of all types, to connect to this group, and to reach the Latino community of this city.

The CNY Latino newspaper was created in large format (tabloid) to provided plenty room for plenty reading material of any type, presenting the articles and advertisement in both “English” and “Spanish”, making this “bilingual” publication welcoming to both the “Spanish” and “non-Spanish” reader, and covering more that just the Latino market.

Later on, with a great welcome from the community and the sudden increase in demand for more material, along with the desire to have it in other areas, the newspaper circulation increased within the first year of existence, and its coverage expanded to other cities besides Syracuse.


Currently, the CNY Latino newspaper is still the ONLY Hispanic oriented publication in Central New York, covering all the towns and public locations between Rochester and Albany AND between Watertown and Binghamton, including the cities of Cortland, Ithaca, Geneva, Canandaigua, Sodus, Fulton, Oswego, Pulaski, Oneida, Rome-Utica, Verona, and (mostly) Syracuse.

Our newspaper is the Hispanic representation of a central New York publication that provides diversified information from a concentrated ethnic group, to a diversified readership widely spread in a large geographical area. Although one of the main objectives is to provide dedicated information to and about the Hispanic community, the bilingual content of this FREE monthly publication also has topics and subjects of interest to the appeal of the entire central New York community… regardless of their culture, their ethnicity, or their language… that is why our slogan is…

…from the Latino community for everyone in Central New York

In a short period of time, we have penetrated the local residential Hispanic and Latino household, and accessed the regional Business sector under the same ethnic group.

Purpose of our Newspaper

There are several reasons for the creation of CNY Latino; the primary purpose is not only to provide a new communication avenue to the local Hispanic and Latino population, but also to provide a new Hispanic and Latino publication to the community in general. We feel this paper has enhanced the Hispanic and Latino image, and consolidated the Hispanic and Latino society, not only making this ethnical group stronger, but also “putting the local Hispanic and Latino community in the map”. Our objectives can be listed as follows:


…enhance the Hispanic and Latino image


…consolidate the Hispanic and Latino society


…provide a new communication vehicle that represents the local Hispanic and Latino population


…inspire other members of the CNY community to learn about the Hispanic and Latino culture, issues and value this growing population brings to Central New York


…put the local Hispanic and Latino community on the map…!!!

The CNY Latino was a venture project started in February 2004, by Hugo Acosta, with the intentions to provide a general interest publication to the Hispanic community in central New York, and at the same time, to provide a method for communication to this ethnic group. This experimental project started with personal investment as a trial to see how the local readership would respond; now, with an increased demand for more distribution, wider coverage, and more frequency, it has become a highly sought after reading material to the 84% of the Latino population in Central New York.

At the beginning, the whole development for this publication was done entirely in the publisher’s home by himself and with the strong use of technology and strong strict organizational planning; but within 3 years of starting, the CNY Latino established itself in downtown Syracuse, with the inclusion of a fulltime partner, periodic use of college interns, and frequent visits and meetings with clients and prospect customers.

Because of limited investment, the paper started to be printed with only 24 to 28 pages (mostly in Black-and-White) and distributed free-of-charge 2- 3 thousand copies to just the Syracuse area. Within 3 years of being founded, CNY Latino had over 6,000 monthly copies of newspapers with more than 28 pages, with at least 4 color ones, and reaching a large portion of the central New York area… still FREE-of-charge..!

The CNY Latino started with a limited amount of content during our development phase.. However, the content gradually grew to become a fully functional periodical, becoming the local information source to both the Hispanic and Non-Hispanic communities. When possible (available editorial, accessible translation, and time availability) the entire content is presented in two languages: English and Spanish, allowing the potential reading audience to be both native Spanish speakers, and non Spanish speaking community. In each monthly issue, we are planning to have the following sections:


Arts and Education   Latino News (Local, State, National, International)
Sports and Hobbies Classifieds and Job Opportunities
Cars and Mechanics Real Estate and Home Improvement
Business and Economy Computers and Technology
Politics and Government Personals and Dating Services
Kids and Children Jokes and Cartoons
Garden and Hobbies Crafts and Cooking
Faith and Religion Movies and Entertainment
Editorial “Special Small Sections” (trivia, forums, surveys)


We also have other interesting and unique sections on occasion, where special articles and commentaries on current subjects are published, such as a section for “Hispanic Issues”, a Guest writer column, Latino editorials, book reviews/authors, invited inputs, public submissions, etc. In addition, this paper will also have a parallel online publishing on our Newspaper Website, where part of the content, and other digital services will be provided, as a great way to share our news articles and information to reach a wider national audience.

The target audiences are the members of the Latino and Hispanic community with distribution focusing initially in the Syracuse area and then expanding beyond, as described in the Circulation section of this document. However, we strongly believe that the diversified Content inside this publication provides valuable information for everyone living and working in the central New York area. The Bilingual format allows those who speak only Spanish to benefit from the information contained in this publication.

There are not specifics that we can currently provide to quantify the audience we target for distribution of CNY Latino, however, we cover (at least in the Latino community) all the different demographic groups and wide variety of readers of our publication: residential individuals, homemakers, business professionals, immigrants, political leaders, military personnel, etc. This way, we are not only providing a vehicle of information to this ethnic group, but we also are their main source of Hispanic and Latino information.

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To even diversify the audience, and avoid monotony in our regular content and possible repetitive topics interest, we also implement special issues with specific topics of interest (Healthcare issues, “…your Hispanic representative”, Hispanic Business Directory, Employment special edition, “Que Pasa en Nueva York”, etc.).


If you and/or your business/organization are interested in marketing your services in our newspaper or  our programs or in becoming a sponsor or advertiser, please contact us and we will send you more details.