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CNY Latino is a consortium of several divisions, including the popular publication “The CNY Latino newspaper”, bi-weekly “Spanish” radio shows (currently suspended), a Hispanic oriented Marketing & Advertising agency, our Latino-website portal , and a Division of Translation Services.


The CNY Latino Marketing and Advertising Services are focused on the Hispanic market and the Latino population as the basis of these services. Our Expertise in reaching and appealing to this demographic market, and wide knowledge of this ethnic group and their needs.


We have developed a great rapport and have become leaders and innovators within the community to such point that CNY Latino has been invited to give lectures, provide seminars, serve as Speakers and supply presentations.


CNY Latino knows what to advertise and how to market it; we measure the level of value and demand, and know how to market it with the most appropriate media outlet, using the most effective method, and for the right targeted consumer.