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The CNY Latino is a consortium of several divisions, including the popular publication "The CNY Latino newspaper", two weekly "Spanish" radio shows (currently suspended), a Hispanic oriented Marketing & Advertising agency, a Latino-website portal (still in development), and a Division of Translation Services. All these divisions are focused in the dedication to the Latino culture and the enhancement of the Spanish Language.

Members of our staff have made translation work for businesses of all industries and companies of different types; they have also participating in assisting non-for-profit organizations and a grand selection of social services groups. We have assisted in medical projects and legal cases, everything from technical interpretation to colloquial rendition. We are capable to perform passive translation from documentation and paper content, and live on-site public interpretation. We have also have done digital translation for websites and online portals, and we have recently started to work in the translation of full publications and existent books.

All these different translation projects have created a large portfolio in this division, and we can show many samples, by clicking here.

There are 3 types of Translations we provide: CONTENT Translation, ONSITE Translation, and SPECIALIZED Translation - (Click Here for individual descriptions)

You can also contact us for additional information, or any other special request about our services.