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As a consequence to participate and network with many in the Latino communities of Central New York, and as a result of getting involved with everything and anything that has to do with this Culture, the CNY Latino has acquired since 2004, a strong experience and knowledge of the culture and their people, developing a the same time a sense of leadership and authority, to the point that CNY Latino has been invited to provide Seminars and give Lectures to many Colleges, Universities, Schools of all levels, and many other educational or business-based institutions, about many topics and subjects related to this ethnic group.

We have a small compendium of prepared classes and tutorials, all set to train and educate in several topics, mostly related to the Latino Culture. These presentations are periodically updated and properly presented where applicable. We use audiovisuals and other media components, to compliment and make more understandable our seminars.

We can also arrange and set up seminars of subjects or themes that might be of interest or need for any client (business and/or organizations), but we do not have in our repertory; when we are contracted for this, we meet with the client to understand their needs and establish the outcome of the presentation, we research and put together a tentative layout-program, and when reviewed and accepted, we put together the final seminar.

If you are interested in any of our Seminars, or would like us to prepare one for you or for your organization, please, do not hesitate to contact us, and arrange to do this. Remember, we can do this in either "English" or "Spanish" or in both.


Detail information about each and every presentacion provide in CNY Latino, can be found in the links above or you can also contact us for additional information, or any special request about our other services.