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The newspaper is what started it all... the original idea was to create a simple publication that will serve the Latino community of Syracuse, as a communication venue, as a cultural representation, as a reading material, and also as a very effective and direct way for businesses, companies, and organizations of all types, to connect to this group, and to reach the Latino community of this city.

The CNY Latino newspaper was created in large format (tabloid) to provided plenty room for plenty reading material of any type, presenting the articles and advertisement in both "English" and "Spanish", making this "bilingual" publication welcoming to both the "Spañish" and "non-Spanish" reader, and covering more that just the Latino market

Later on, with the great welcoming from the community and the suddenly increase of demand for more material, along with the desire to have it in other areas, the newspaper circulation increased within the first year of existence, and its coverage expanded to other cities besides Syracuse.

Currently, the CNY Latino newspaper is still the ONLY Hispanic oriented publication in Central New York, covering all the towns and public locations between Rochester and Albany AND between Watertown and Binghamton, including the cities of Cortland, Ithaca, Geneva, Canandaigua, Sodus, Fulton, Oswego, Pulaski, Oneida, Rome-Utica, Verona, and (mostly) Syracuse.