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The CNY Latino Marketing and Advertising Services are focused with the Hispanic market and the Latino population as the based of these services. Our Expertise in the two branches of this industry, and wide knowledge with this ethnic group, allows us not only to effectively prepare a good campaign for any product and/or service, but also to directly promote and expose this product and/or service, the proper way in a politically correct manner.

CNY Latino knows what to advertise and how to market it; we measure the level of value and demand, and know how to market it with the most appropriate media outlet, under the most effective method, and for the most targeted consumer. Not only we analyze if any material or content should and/or need to be translated, but we also evaluate the actual content and narrative of all of them, to make sure that the message is not only properly delivered, but also clearly and adequately expressed.

Similarly to what we do with our Advertising Services, our customized Marketing plans are prepared in 3 different approaches:

1.- We analyze the Product and/or Service the client wants us to Market.
2.- We research the need and demand the Latino Market might have for that Product and/or Service.
3.- We prepare more than one alternative for possible execution.

In each one of these approaches, we work with our clients keeping in mind their needs, measuring to protect their budget, and always considering the cultural value they are getting into.

If you need to sell or market to the Latino consumer, or simply need to reach the diverse audience of the Hispanic population, you should contact us for comprehensive analysis