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The CNY Latino is a Media Consortium that publishes the only Hispanic-oriented newspaper in Central New York, produces ONE weekly "Spanish" Radio Show, provides professional Translation Services to many industries, serves as Marketing & Advertising Agency with focus to the Latino Market, and soon will maintain and host a Latino-website portal for Latinos in New York State, and soon will produce a "Spanish" TV Show.

The CNY Latino Media Consortium is a small for-profit company, filed in the county of Onondaga as a Corporate "C" type of business, with a federal tax ID number 54-2132037, and a D.U.N.S Number is 781119958.

We currently have 1 employee, 8 independent distributors, 6 freelance writers, 5 photographers, 2 silent partners, 4 regional associates, 5 certified translators, an advisory board of 7 members, and an array of helpers and contributors that keep this multi-media consortium running and alive.

- More information about this organization will soon be posted in this web-page -