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Welcome to the CNY Latino website!

You have reached the website of an ethnic media company that publishes the only Hispanic-oriented newspaper in Central New York, which produces ONE weekly “In Spanish” Radio show, offers Professional Translation services for many industries , serves as a Marketing and Advertising Agency, with special attention to the Latin market, and will soon maintain and sponsor a Latin web portal and produce a “Spanish” TV program. On this website, you will find general information about CNY Latino, from its creation to its current development as a business and as an advocate of Latino culture. You can also use this website to understand other issues related to the Latino population, and this growing sector in the United States, and (more specifically) in New York State.

Feel free to browse this website and learn more about our organization, hoping that you will not only learn more about us, but also about our staff, our customers, our culture, our goals and our vision. If you want to comment on this web page, please feel free to email any of our webmasters and / or our editor, who will also welcome suggestions, corrections, “broken links”, and Any other advice that you want to express to do better and improve our Internet presence … we will appreciate your comments and your contribution.[/vc_column_text]

At CNY Latino, members of our staff have provided reliable and professional translation work for businesses and companies of various industries.
The CNY Latino Marketing and Advertising Services are focused on reaching the Hispanic market and the Latino population. We are experts in this arena.
We know what to advertise and how to market it; we measure the level of value and demand, and know how to market with the appropriate media outlet.
CNY Latino specializes and has experience in developing seminars, lectures, and presentations that reach and appeal to the Latin audience.
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% of the Latino population reached
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CNY Latino is in a unique position to help you with highly effective and targeted print media and digital advertising solutions.


We are a full-service press and marketing agency offering digital ad placement to ensure your campaign is placed in print, online and on social platforms.


We approach each campaign with a unique perspective, building a personalized proposal of marketing options. We cater to your specific needs.


Since 2004, the CNY Latino Media Consortium has become the most direct and effective way to reach the Hispanic population in Central New York. This has been possible thanks to the strong and effective use of our Hispanic media. We have also supplemented our products and / or services, serving as a Hispanic-focused Marketing and Advertising Agency focused on the US Latino market, providing Professional Translation Services and being available to host Latino-themed seminars and presentations. And to address issues that affect and are of interest to this group and population.

We can market and create an online promotional or advertisement campaign on our interactive and popular online version of our monthly "bilingual" newspaper at www.cnylatinonewspaper.com.
The CNY Latino Media Consortium is currently working with 2 local TV networks, to create a monthly TV Talk Show, to be broadcasted in both standard HD TV signal, and also online.
Our newspaper is the Hispanic representation of a central New York publication that provides diversified information from a concentrated ethnic group, to a diversified readership widely spread in a large geographical area.
Radio Show in Spanish..! (Programa de Radio en Español..!)
The ONLY Hispanic oriented commercial Radio show in Central New York, reaching everyone in the Central New York area...
Our Email Marketing Service is focused and concentrated to the Central New York geographical area, and directly targeted to members of the Latino culture.
Social Media
The CNY Latino Media Consortium also provides customized Social media campaigns, that can be used with our in-house accounts of FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn*, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

4465 East Genesee Street – #249
DeWitt, NY 13214-2242


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